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K D + I D

Kristen, as an Ohio native, was born with a naturally creative mind and pursued fine arts throughout her school years. This led her onto her true passion when she studied Interior Design at college. She graduated from Ohio State University in 2006 with a degree. Kristen then landed what would become a prosperous and long job with Romanelli & Hughes, a local custom high-end homebuilder.

After just seven years, Kristen was promoted the position of Director of Design for Romanelli & Hughes. In that role she headed up a team of talented designers and took responsibility for the logistics of her department. This is where she really finetuned her skills. As an interior design, development and building firm, R&H participated in the highly competitive Parades of Homes tour.

This event was put on by the Building Industry Association every summer. Kristen personally collaborated on the design, decoration and finishes of three parade homes before becoming the sole and lead designer of the parade homes in 2013 and 2016. Alongside these projects, she also produced numerous model homes, complete from construction and selected hard finishes, through design, purchasing and decoration that fell in line with the company's specific aesthetic and branding.

After working at R&H for 12 years, Kristen felt it was time for a change. Not only a change in employment but residence, when she moved out to the East Coast and worked for an interior design firm as their Lead Designer on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. As swell as designing for clients, she also familiarized herself with the firm's various product lines. With this opportunity, Kristen gained better understanding of the choice of products available not just in the Midwest, but throughout the country

Kristen has the confidence and capability to guide you and assist you in making the best selections for your home. She can help you whether you are working on your existing home or building a new home. Kristen offers a full range of expert services. Throughout her career to date she has worked with incredibly diverse clients and promises that this is what has helped shape her appreciation for all styles of design. She is also a firm believer in collaboration and that her clients are involved in the selection process.

She always starts in the same way, by drafting up the best layout for furniture and then showcases this to the clients. She then, for example, will source a selection of different sofa silhouettes and consults with her clients to identify those that are the best fit. From that point Kristen will then use decor, accent furniture, lighting and fabrics to pull together the complete look. She prefers to aim for a more eclectic selection to give the home a less contrived, more curated look and feel.

The best skill that Kristen feels she has at her disposal is her ability to really listen to her clients. From start to finish, she will always listen to her clients. She feels that this is the best way to really understand how to create the space they want. Nothing is ever overlooked. Every likeness, word and photo are a way to interpret their unique style.

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