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Kristen was recommended to us after our kitchen contractor walked out on our remodel.  We were left with a kitchen and living room, both completely gutted down to the studs. Within a few days of our first consultation with Kristen she had our remodel moving full speed ahead with her contractors. Within such a small time frame Kristen was able to capture exactly the look and feel we wished to create in our home.  We have continued to use many of the contractors she recommended as they have proven themselves to be honest and reliable! 

Furthermore, Kristen was able to assess the needs of our family, budget and lifestyle which includes two dogs and was considerate of these as she selected finishes for our home.  She was fully invested in our project every step of the way until it was 100% complete.  I cannot speak highly enough of Kristen's unique sense of creativity and vision.  We will gladly seek her consultation again for any future remodels.

Sheila & Rose

I have never worked with a designer that listens to what you really like, your inspirations and your color scheme as well as Kristen DuChemin. She made decorating my house fun and not a chore. She gave great recommendations and never got upset if I said, I really didn't like an item. She just had plenty of other suggestions for me to consider. I am so glad she is back to Ohio because I have a couple of other areas in the house to attack and I surely need her help. I can't wait. You will not go wrong if you ask Kristen for help. She is just awesome!!!

Jan & Jim

Kristen helped our dreams become a reality when we built our custom home and most recently our pool house. Her attention to detail and amazing style is incredible! She has been a true joy to work with!

Heather & Scott

Absolutely the best! Kristen has an exceptional eye for design - inside and out, for every level of client! Her talent is unmatched! Highly recommend.


Extraordinary and versatile designer!!! Kristen has worked with us on numerous projects, from picking paint colors to parties to full design!! Kristen helped us configure furniture and paint colors in our first home. She designed both of children’s first birthday parties...which were AMAZING!! She was also instrumental in the design of our current home with complete bathroom and kitchen renovation/remodel!! Seriously life changing!!!!!!

Kelli & Joanna

Kristen worked on my house and did a great job of picking out everything that fit my taste and budget.


I had the great pleasure of working with Kristen DuChemin. She provided design services on my behalf as I built a brand-new condo in Westerville, Ohio. In every way possible, Kristen’s work was fantastic. 


This was the first time I had ever built a new home, and I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choices and details from Day One.  Throughout the process, Kristen was always patient and helpful and relentlessly positive and reassuring.  In addition to our several face-to-face meetings, she always made time to respond to my dozens of questions via phone and email. She always made it clear that she was happy to help me, no matter how many questions I had.  She’s even helped me with a few remaining design details since she left Columbus and moved to Philadelphia.


What was most impressive about Kristen was that she seemed to quickly develop a good, clear sense of my own personal style. My tastes are kind of eclectic, and she understood that from the start. That’s a big reason I am so pleased with the results of her work on my condo. 


All throughout the process, Kristen always stayed positive and frequently made it clear to me that the builder would do whatever was necessary to be sure I was satisfied. I never once felt like she was pushing in a direction I didn’t want to go. And she always made me feel like there was no need to worry – that everything would be right in the end.


In addition to being the perfect design partner for me, Kristen was always  incredibly pleasant to work with. I love her sense of humor and I truly enjoyed every minute we spent working on my condo project. I feel so very lucky that Kristen is the designer that the builder assigned to my home. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to work with her again.



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